SALE! Open face helmet Origine Primo Flying Wheel, XS size

Origine Helmets sizes
Size Head circumference above the ears
3XS (48/50) 48cm - 50cm
XXS (51/52) 51cm - 52cm
XS (53/54) 53cm - 54cm
S (55/56) 55cm - 56cm
M (57/58) 57cm - 58cm
L (59/60) 59cm - 60cm
XL (61/62) 61cm - 62cm
XXL (63/64) 63cm - 64cm
3XL (65/66) 65cm - 66cm
4XL (67/68) 67cm - 68cm
In stock
Brand Origine
Weight [g]
The helmet weighs only 1100g
Shell material Termoplast
A polymer that becomes plastic under the influence of temperature. It has very good properties, is hard and resistant to permanent deformation and high and low temperature.
Hypoallergenic lining
Lining made with hypoallergenic materials so that everyone can use this helmet without any worry
Breathing lining
Breathing liner ensure great air flow through the helmet preventing sweating and fogging.
Pull-out lining
Removable padding, for example, to wash it, so that it is always clean and fresh as new
ECE 22.05 or ECE 22.06 certificate
The helmet has passed the ECE 22.05 or ECE 22.06 approval tests. Tests for safety, buckle strength, peel resistance and more.
Buckle type Microclick type
Clasp type microclick is convenient and fast to use. By using a serrated wedging element, we can quickly adjust the length of the belt, and easily undo it.
Product Rating Brand Price
Scott Sweathead MX Tech hat, under the helmet
0 reviews
Scott €10.02
Cotton balaclava ONE, black
4 review
Vicma €3.20
Balaclava black cotton
5 review

Italian company Origine produces stylish and safe helmets in retro style. Specially designed to fit both motorcycle and bicycle rides.
The company has been producing helmets since 1992 and therefore can boast of experience, in 2009 it opened its European hub.

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