Open face helmet Jet LS2 OF599 Spitfire Jeans Titanium L (59/60)

LS2 Helmets sizes
Size Head circumference above the ears
3XS (48/50) 48cm - 50cm
XXS (51/52) 51cm - 52cm
XS (53/54) 53cm - 54cm
S (55/56) 55cm - 56cm
M (57/58) 57cm - 58cm
L (59/60) 59cm - 60cm
XL (61/62) 61cm - 62cm
XXL (63/64) 63cm - 64cm
3XL (65/66) 65cm - 66cm
4XL (67/68) 67cm - 68cm
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Brand LS2
Shell material HPTT
Shell made in HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology Resin) technology. Helmet is very resistant to hits and scratches.
Different shell sizes
The helmet has different sizes of shells for different sizes of the helmet so that adapts perfectly to the head.
Weight [g]
The helmet weighs only 1000g
Shell shape Standard oval
Suitable for motorcyclists with a head that is slightly longer in shape from front to back.
Improved padding comfort
The padding is made of even better quality materials, fantastic to the touch.
Breathing lining
Breathing liner ensure great air flow through the helmet preventing sweating and fogging.
Hypoallergenic lining
Lining made with hypoallergenic materials so that everyone can use this helmet without any worry
ECE 22.05 or ECE 22.06 certificate
The helmet has passed the ECE 22.05 or ECE 22.06 approval tests. Tests for safety, buckle strength, peel resistance and more.
Steel microclick fastener
The microclick clasp has been strengthened by replacing the plastic fastening with steel, improving safety.
Buckle type Microclick type
Clasp type microclick is convenient and fast to use. By using a serrated wedging element, we can quickly adjust the length of the belt, and easily undo it.
Reinforced chin strap
Reinforced straps increase strap durability and ensure that we are safe in every situation.
Twin Shield System
The fold-down sun visor helps protect your eyes from the sun. Lowered and hidden by means of a lever on the side of the helmet.
Adjustable sun visor
Possibility to block the sun shield in two positions.
Scratch resistant
Visor is resistant to small scratches
UV resistant
Visor is coated with anti UV layer.
Product Rating Brand Price
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The LS2 brand is the Spanish giant in motorbike helmets. LS2 helmets have been gaining considerable popularity throughout Europe for several years. LS2 products are characterized by great aerodynamic painting and, more importantly, high safety. Many tests confirm the high class of LS2 helmets, which are not inferior in parameters to their more expensive brothers from Arai or Shoei. A wide range of helmets makes them popular among scooter, motorbike and quad bike users. Definitely a great quality to price ratio. 

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