Oil Shock Castrol Fork Oil Mineral 15W 500ml

Castrol Fork Oil 15W is an advanced mineral suspension oil that provides optimum damping power in both road and off-road motorbikes. Its highly refined base and naturally high viscosity index provide extraordinary damping power over a wide temperature spectrum.

General parameters
Product package volume 0.5 L
Package includes 0.5 L (500ml) oil.
Viscosity at 40°C [mm²/s]
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C. is 46mm²/s .
SAE viscosity grade of shock absorber oil [W]
SAE viscosity grade for this oil is 15W

Castrol are one of the world's greatest road and track legends, producing the leading synthetic oil brand Castrol EDGE Titanium FST™. An official partner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Castrol has been part of the BP Group since 2001 following a global merger.

Castrol is one of the world's largest manufacturers of engine oils and lubricants. Castrol products are based on analysis, advanced technology and innovation. Since 2010 Castrol Polska together with BP Polska have been part of BP Europa SE based in Hamburg, a company managing the operations of all BP markets in Central Europe.

Castrol has always placed emphasis on developing lubricants that outperform the competition. To this end it has established advanced technology centers operating in the UK as well as in the US, Germany, Japan, India and China. Castrol has access to all types of base stocks and additives so that it can select the best base stocks and additives from around the world for each of its lubricants.

With over 115 years of experience in providing top quality products, Castrol is today the world's largest specialist in lubricants, process fluids and maintenance fluids. With a range of products to suit almost every kind of vehicle, Castrol's leading product for demanding motorists is Castrol EDGE with its new Titanium FST (Fluid Strength Technology). For more information on Castrol brand products, visit: "The right oil".

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