Oil 2T MOTUL Scooter Power synthetic 1L

Oil for all sport and high performance scooters, equipped with two-stroke engines, with direct fuel injection or with a traditional carburettor.

Can be used with oil injection or pre-mix systems.

Suitable for all types of petrol, leaded or unleaded, with or without ethanol-based biofuels. Compatible with catalysts.


  • 100% synthetic - ester based lubricant specially developed for powerful 2-stroke scooter engines operating at high rpm and heavy loads.
  • Very high oil film resistance for maximum anti-wear protection.
  • Reduces the internal friction of the engine and improves its performance.
  • Avoids deposits and keeps the engine clean on all internal parts: combustion chamber, spark plug, piston bottom, ring grooves, exhaust port, exhaust pipe...etc.
  • Anti-smoke properties.


  • Oil injector systems: set in mini position.
  • Mixing ratio for pre-lubrication: from 2% to 4% (50:1 to 25:1) according to manufacturers' requirements.
  • Adapt to your own requirements.
General parameters
Product package volume 1 L
Package volume is 1 L (1000 ml) of oil.
For 2T engines that are prone to damage when quickly obtaining maximum power. This oil must perform at very high temperatures without seizing the engine
Oil is characterized by smokelesness. Used in engines of average or heavy load.
Oil quality: Synthetic
Synthetic oil is obtained by the synthesis process, not found in nature. Oil is characterized by higher purity and better quality than mineral oils.
Self mixing
The oil is designed to be mixed with fuel directly in the fuel tank in the correct ratio, it is strongly recommended to follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations regarding the ratio.
Product Rating Brand Price
Olej 2T Castrol Power RS synthetic 1L
1 review
Castrol €7.46
Product Rating Brand Price
Oil measuring cup Stage6 280ml
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Stage6 €3.20
Oil measuring cup Polini, 250ml
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Polini €4.26
Oil measuring cup Polisport, 100ml
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Polisport €6.82
Oil measuring cup Polisport, 250ml
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Polisport €8.31
Oil measuring cup Polisport, 500ml
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Polisport €14.06

MOTUL is a French company that has been manufacturing premium motor oils and industrial lubricants for over 160 years. Today, MOTUL is present in over 100 countries around the world. MOTUL Deutschland GmbH is the representative of the MOTUL brand in Poland and is responsible for brand development and product distribution in Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.
Thanks to the highest quality products and the company's involvement in various automotive initiatives, MOTUL has gained recognition in Poland among automotive enthusiasts, people involved in motor sport, historic vehicles and those looking for uncompromising quality in their products.

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