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SFM Junak - Polish motorcycle, produced by the Szczecin Motorcycle Factory in 1956–1965. It was the heaviest motorcycle and the only motorcycle with a four-stroke engine produced in the Poland.
Called the Polish Harley by some, despite its shortcomings, it was a popular motorcycle, becoming a "cult" motorcycle with time. The characteristic so-called gang, i.e. the noise coming from the exhaust pipe, in combination with the noisy timing operation makes it easy to recognize this motorcycle even from a considerable distance.
In 2001, the name Junak was reused by the Polish distributor of Korean Hyosung GV 250 motorcycles sold under the name Junak Milenium.
In 2010, the Polish company Almot presented another motorcycle using the name and the characteristic Junak logo: the Junak M16, a motorcycle produced in China, known mainly as the Raptor Regal Daytona. In the following years, Almot introduced a number of other models of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds under the name Junak.

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