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Honda Motor Co. Ltd. is an international industrial company, a leading Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. They are among the top ten global car manufacturers. The main production plants are in Japan, the USA, India and Brazil, and the main markets are the USA and Southeast Asia. Honda was founded in 1948 by inventor and entrepreneur Soichiro Honda and financier Takeo Fujisawa. The company's motto is "The Power of Dreams".
Soichiro Honda's first business experience was the production of piston rings in his own garage in 1938. Two years later, he received a large order from Toyota, for which he had to build a new factory. After World War II, he sold his factory to Toyota and started producing motorcycles with the help of Takeo Fujisawa. In 1950, Honda was able to develop a four-stroke engine with twice the power of before, and Honda motorcycles quickly began to gain popularity.
By 1954, they had achieved a market share of 15% in Japan. Even until the late 1950s, motorcycles designed by Honda won all of the world's most prestigious motorcycle races.
In 1958, the company introduced the Super Cub motorcycle, which was aimed primarily at small traders for whom it replaced the bicycle: it was affordable, easy to handle and safe. The demand for the new model was so great that a new factory was built with a capacity of 30,000 m3. motorcycles per month. In 1959, Honda became a leading Japanese motorcycle manufacturer.
In the same year, a subsidiary of American Honda Motor Company, Inc. was established in the United States, which began selling Japanese motorcycles that were significantly cheaper than American motorcycles ($ 250 versus $ 1,000–1,500) but twice as powerful. US sales increased from $ 500,000 in 1960 to $ 77 million in 1965. This was largely facilitated by an active advertising campaign aimed at destroying the negative American stereotype of a motorcyclist - motorcyclist. The motto of the campaign was "On Honda you meet the nicest people", as a result of which in 1964 every second motorcycle sold in the United States was owned by Honda.
In 1967, Honda became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and began to expand its product range.
The earthquake on March 11, 2011 severely damaged the Honda research center in Tochigi Prefecture. Total damage suffered by the company was estimated at 45.7 billion yen ($ 500 million).
In August 2020, the Financial Times reported that at the end of 2019, advisers to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had offered to partner Honda with Nissan to improve the position of the Japanese auto industry, which is under pressure from manufacturers in other countries, especially China. However, both companies reportedly rejected the offer before the COVID-19 outbreak began.

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