Aprilia is one of the most famous Italian motorcycle brands.
It is one of the seven Piaggio brands and is also the fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.
Aprilia was initially involved in the production of bicycles and scooters, but over time it also started producing motorcycles, focusing on sports area. They have had many successes in motorsport.
The company was founded after World War II in the province of Venice, Italy. The founder was Cavaliere Alberto Beggio. Initially, the company was involved in the production of bicycles, until 1968, when Albert's son, Ivano Beggio, together with a dozen associates, constructed the first moped in the company's history with a capacity of 50 cm³.
The first mopeds produced by Aprilia were called Colibri and Daniela and the Scarabeo (cross model).
Thanks to many technical details, Aprilia is the Italian constructor with the most victories in motorcycle racing history - 294 MotoGP victories in total!
It is present in over 50 countries around the world.
Today Aprilia offers us a great selection of great bikes and a wide range of scooters.