Full face helmet Revenge Skull & Rose Gloss Black Red 5 gwiazdek Sharp, L size L (59/60)

Mt helmets Helmets sizes
Size Head circumference above the ears
3XS (48/50) 48cm - 50cm
XXS (51/52) 51cm - 52cm
XS (53/54) 53cm - 54cm
S (55/56) 55cm - 56cm
M (57/58) 57cm - 58cm
L (59/60) 59cm - 60cm
XL (61/62) 61cm - 62cm
XXL (63/64) 63cm - 64cm
3XL (65/66) 65cm - 66cm
4XL (67/68) 67cm - 68cm
Mt helmets
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Brand Mt helmets
Shell material Polycarbonate
Thermoplastic polymers. They can withstand high mechanical load. They are used eg. In shafts helmets Formula 1 drivers, or in the production of CDs.
Different shell sizes
The helmet has different sizes of shells for different sizes of the helmet so that adapts perfectly to the head.
Weight [g]
The helmet weighs only 1450g
Intercom ready
The interior has a specially prepared place for an intercom set
Chin curtain
Diaphragm in the lower part of the helmet tightly adheres to the neck, making sure that unwanted air does not get inside.
Breath deflector
Deflector redirects air coming out of our mouths to prevent visor fogging up. While visor is open, deflector makes breathing easier.
Breathing lining
Breathing liner ensure great air flow through the helmet preventing sweating and fogging.
Hypoallergenic lining
Lining made with hypoallergenic materials so that everyone can use this helmet without any worry
Pull-out lining
Removable padding, for example, to wash it, so that it is always clean and fresh as new
Buckle type Microclick type
Clasp type microclick is convenient and fast to use. By using a serrated wedging element, we can quickly adjust the length of the belt, and easily undo it.
Reinforced chin strap
Reinforced straps increase strap durability and ensure that we are safe in every situation.
Sharp test 5 stars
One of the safest helmets on the market. Helmet received 5 out of 5 stars in Sharp's tests. Each test consists of 32 impact tests.
Top vents
Helmet features top intake ports which help to create constant, light flow of air for cooling and comfort
Chin vents
Helmet features chin intake ports which help to create constant, light flow of air for cooling and comfort
Exhaust port
Helmet features back exhaust ports which help to create constant, light flow of air for cooling and comfort
Fog resistant
Visor has additional coating to prevent fogging.
Scratch resistant
Visor is resistant to small scratches
Quick release system
Visor is detachable without using any tools thanks to small springs that hold everything together.
Twin Shield System
The fold-down sun visor helps protect your eyes from the sun. Lowered and hidden by means of a lever on the side of the helmet.
MT Max Vision
The helmet has a larger glass than standard helmets, which provides a larger field of view
Product Rating Brand Price
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Helmet interior cleaner MOTUL M2 Helmet Interior Clean 250ml
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Mt helmets

Manufacturing Thomas, S.A. abbreviated to MT Helmets, the company was founded in 1968 and now operates in 95 countries, their main vision is to provide a product of the highest quality.
Helmets manufactured in Spain, top quality at reasonable prices, multi-approved (ECE, DOT, SNELL, NTC, NBR).

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