Complete engine 150cm³, 5 gears, Honda CG 150

General parameters
Capacity [cm³]
Engine capacity 150cm³.
EGR Exhaust Gas Circulation: No
This product does not have an EGR exhaust gas recirculation system, which reduces exhaust emissions. The absence or removal of EGR has a positive effect on engine power.
Engine filled with oil: Yes
The engine is pre-filled with oil, please be sure to check the oil level after receiving the goods and installation in the vehicle.
Fuel consumption [l/100km]
Approximate fuel consumption at 3l/100km
Motor orientation: Vertical motor
A vertical arrangement engine in which the piston runs in an up-down direction. These types of engines are better cooled and have more power compared to the recumbent versions.
Number of strokes: 4T
An internal combustion engine in which the duty cycle involves two revolutions of the crankshaft, which is equivalent to four reciprocating piston movements in one duty cycle.
Startup type: Electric and foot starter
The engine is equipped with a electric starter and a foot starter.
Number of gears
Number of gears 5
Gearbox type: Manual transmission
The manual transmission engine is equipped with a shift lever and a drive clutch which gives the driver control over torque transfer to the rear wheel.
Cooling type: Air cooling
Cooling by natural air circulation or forced cooling by the built-in motor fan in plastic casings wrapping the cylinder.
Components included
Set includes: complete engine, carburetor, spigot, starter lever, shift lever, ignition coil, module, relay, reg
The right engine cover has a viewing window, allowing you to check the oil level and its color to indicate contamination.
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