Engine complete 150cm³, 5 gears, 162FMJ 150 4T AC

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Brand Zongshen
General parameters
Capacity [cm³]
Engine capacity 150cm³.
EGR Exhaust Gas Circulation: Yes
The product is adapted to the system of returning a part of exhaust gases to the engine power system - EGR. The system reduces exhaust emissions. Getting rid of the EGR system positively affects the power of the engine.
Engine filled with oil: Yes
The engine is pre-filled with oil, please be sure to check the oil level after receiving the goods and installation in the vehicle.
Fuel consumption [l/100km]
Approximate fuel consumption at 3l/100km
Motor orientation: Vertical motor
A vertical arrangement engine in which the piston runs in an up-down direction. These types of engines are better cooled and have more power compared to the recumbent versions.
Engine code (designation)
Engine pattern code: 162FMJ. Engine parameter code, for example 139FMB: 1 cylinder, 39 mm piston, F - air-cooled, M - motorcycle, B - 50 cm
Number of strokes: 4T
An internal combustion engine in which the duty cycle involves two revolutions of the crankshaft, which is equivalent to four reciprocating piston movements in one duty cycle.
Startup type: Electric and foot starter
The engine is equipped with a electric starter and a foot starter.
Number of gears
Number of gears 5
Gear system
The gear order is 1-N-2-3-4-5
Gearbox type: Manual transmission
The manual transmission engine is equipped with a shift lever and a drive clutch which gives the driver control over torque transfer to the rear wheel.
Cooling type: Air cooling
Cooling by natural air circulation or forced cooling by the built-in motor fan in plastic casings wrapping the cylinder.
Components included
Set includes: complete engine, spigot, shift lever, starter lever, sprocket cover
The right engine cover has a viewing window, allowing you to check the oil level and its color to indicate contamination.
Model Capacity Timing Year of production OEM catalog
Romet K 125 125 4T 2007-2018
Romet RM 125 125 4T 2006-2010
Romet Z 125 125 4T
Romet ZK 125 Zetka 125 4T
Router RM 125 125 4T 2015
Product Rating Brand Price
Engine complete 150cm³ 162FMJ 150 4T AC (zetka 150)
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Zongshen is a Chinese manufacturing company based in Chongqing, China, producing motorcycles, ATVs, generators and engines. They produce over 1,000,000 motorcycles annually.
Zuo Zongshen, who grew up poor, founded the Zongshen company in 1992. Currently, the Zongshen Group consists of 52 subsidiaries, wholly or partly. The Zongshen Group employs over 18,000 people and has a total assets of more than 4 billion yuan. It is one of the top five motorcycle manufacturers in China, currently working with Harley Davidson and Piaggio.
In 2007, Zongshen invested CNY 300 million in a new R&D center in Chongqing under its ""Cyclone"" program. The program is designed to create unique technology and designs for the new Zongshen models and to distinguish the brand from a competitive environment of almost identical models.
In 2012, Zongshen exported approximately 30% of its motorcycle production. It rebrands its products in many countries and its products can be seen in the lines of many retailers and distributors in the UK, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.
Zongshen Chongqing is a manufacturer of Zongshen 200 GS and Zongshen 250 GS.

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