Duro Tire 3.50-10 HF296B TL (51J)

Replacement for OEM original parts:

The Duro HF296B tyre offers a comfortable ride and good grip at a phenomenal price.

High abrasion resistance while maintaining grip ensures high mileage. Excellent dry grip. Visually very attractive tread.

An excellent option for anyone looking for a new tyre at a low price.

General parameters
TL tubeless
TL is a tubeless tire. The advantage of such a tire is that when a puncture occurs, the air escapes gradually, making the handling more uniform.
Speed rating J - 100 km/h
100 km/h is the maximum speed to which the tire is approved in terms of the safe load carrying.
Load index 51 - 195 kg
The load index 51 means that the maximum load rating for this tire model at the maximum speed permitted by the manufacturer is 195 kg.
Season: Summer
Opona przystosowana do sezonu letniego. Zapewnia niezwykłą precyzję prowadzenia, doskonałe osiągi przy wysokich prędkościach i niezwykłą przyczepność.
Rim diameter ["]
Diameter 10", is the diameter of the rim expressed in inches. This value must absolutely correspond to the diameter of the rim on which the tire is to be mounted
Tire size is 3.50-10
Inch width ["]
The width of 3.50" , measured in inches, between the sides of the tires. This is the nominal value of the unloaded tire on the rim as appropriate to the size.
Product Rating Brand Price
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WM Motor €9.10
Analog tire pressure gauge (0-60 PSI)
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Oxford €18.63

Duro is a brand closely related to tyres. Duro tires are characterized by modernity and high quality rubber. Duro's mission is the continuous development and improvement of its products. The company is constantly developing and gaining more and more followers. 

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