Tuning and spare parts for Romet Ogar 202 50 49 4T

Cooling system



Technical data

Make: Romet
Model: Ogar 49
Version: Ogar 202 50 49
Trade name:
Maximum power: 3.5 KM przy 7500 obr/min
Type: Moped
Production start date: no data
Production end date: no data
Frame code: no data
Maximum speed: 45km/h
Długość: 1860mm
Height: 1860mm
Width: 1010mm
Seat height: no data
Wheelbase: no data
Weight: 98kg
Fuel tank capacity: no data
Frame: no data
Front suspension: amortyzatory
Rear suspension: wahacz stalowy, dwa amortyzatory
Front brakes: bębnowy
Rear brakes: bębnowy
Tire, front: no data
Tire, rear: no data
Engine type: Verbrennungs 4 suwowy
Capacity: 49cm³
Maximum power: 3.5 KM przy 7500 obr/min
Cooling: no data
Lubrication: obieg wymuszony, miska olejowa
Number of cylinders: 1
Cylinder diameter: 39.00mm
Piston stroke: no data
Compression rate: no data
Valves: OHC
Fuel system: gaźnik
Starting system: elektryczny lub nożny
Clutch: mokre, wielotarczowe
postponement: skrzynia 4 biegi
Transmission: no data
Manufacturer's identification: no data
Voltage: no data
Capacity: no data
Charging current: no data
Dimensions L x W x H: no data