Cylinder kit with cylinder head 70cm³ Stage6 streetrace, Gilera / Piaggio LC

Stage6 Streetrace 70cc cast iron cylinder. Amazing offer! High quality Stage6 and extremely low price. A cheaper alternative to the aluminium cylinders of the Sport Pro series.

Channel layout very similar to the channel layout of the more powerful Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc cylinder. Power characteristics similar to Stage6 Sport Pro, a little more power at low revs, 0.5hp less at high revs. Maximum power - around 8hp at around 10000rpm. The Stage6 Streetrace 70cc only cooling is not up to par with the Stage6 Sport Pro aluminium cylinders. As with any sport cylinder, it is recommended to replace the exhaust system. The Stage6 specialists have also come up with another idea... Namely, from the outside the cylinder looks very similar to the original one. It has only small Stage6 stars and a specially stamped "49ccm", which will help us to confuse not only our friends as to the capacity.

Included with the cylinder you will find the head, piston, rings, gaskets, piston pin and pin protection.

Pin 12mm.

Cylinder capacity [cm³]
Cylinder capacity 70cm³
Product Rating Brand Price
Cylinder Kit Malossi Sport 70cm³, Gilera / Piaggio LC
0 reviews
Malossi €168.13
Cylinder Kit Polini Sport 70cm³, Gilera / Piaggio LC
0 reviews
Polini €161.74

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