Cylinder complete with head 56.00mm 118cm³ Airsal Sport Minarelli 100 / 120

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Brand Airsal

Kit Sport 118cc cylinder from Spanish manufacturer Airsal - this is an excellent aluminium cylinder. Excellent price equal to cast iron cylinders, with better performance and much better durability. Perfectly maintained angles of channels, high quality materials, phenomenal workmanship. Excellent heat dissipation.

The Airsal Sport 118cc kit is supplied with the head, piston, rings, pin, pin protectors, gaskets, exhaust pins and a leaflet in Polish.

Huge potential already with original or touring exhaust. However, to achieve the maximum potential of this cylinder we recommend a larger carburetor and sports exhaust.

Overall height [mm]
The total height of the cylinder, or the total height of the sleeve in which the piston operates, is 102mm.
Height without bushing [mm]
Cylinder height without sleeve entering engine crankcase 85mm
Bushing outer diameter [mm]
The outside diameter of the sleeve entering the engine crankcase is 60.5mm.
Cylinder capacity [cm³]
Cylinder capacity 118cm³
Cylinder diameter [mm]
The inner diameter of the cylinder liner in which the piston works is 56.00mm
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Piston rings 56.00mm Airsal Sport 118cc, Minarelli 100
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Airsal €10.83
Cylinder head and cylinder gasket Airsal Sport 118CC, Minarelli 100
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Airsal €10.18

Airsal is a company based in Catalonia, Spain, whose flagship product is the highest quality cylinders. High quality materials, perfect workmanship with appropriate quality control make Airsal products are appreciated by the most demanding tuners.

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