ECU engine controller Delphi MT05 Romet Classic 400

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Brand Romet
Model Capacity Timing Year of production OEM catalog
Geon Bullet 400 397 4T
Mash Roadstar 400 397 4T
Romet Classic 400 397 4T
Shineray XY400-2 Classic 400 4T

Romet - the name of the company established in 1971, called "United Bicycle Works" in Bydgoszcz, which emerged in 1948 from merger of smaller bicycle works of pre-war origin and those in Poznań and Czechowice-Dziedzice, and later also in Jastrow, Kowalewo and Wałcz, and a brand of bicycles and mopeds produced by those works in the years 1948-1998.
Since 2006 it has also been a brand of bicycles produced by the Arkus & Romet Group company, as well as mopeds and scooters assembled from Chinese parts and sold by the "Romet Motors" division of that company.

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