Privacy Protection

Our shop respects users’ rights as regards protection of privacy and personal details. Using our shop’s website means accepting the privacy policy.

Please remember that registration in the shop is voluntary, and at any time you can request that your data be removed from our base.


When using our shop, you may be asked to provide your personal details during:

registration in the shop (contact and shipment details)

agreeing to receiving our newsletter (email address)

placing an order (contact and shipment details)

The data we collect are used to carry out the sale and purchase process and, optionally (if you have given your consent), to inform you about our offer.

Any information and data you have provided are used exclusively for the purpose of order execution, and we do not disclose such data and information to any third-party companies.

To complete the shipment, we need assistance of a courier company, which will deliver the ordered product to you safely. In such a case, we provide the courier company with necessary information required to deliver the product: your first name, surname and address - so as to enable it to verify the actual recipient of the order and deliver the product at the appropriate address.


Posting data in the form of a post/a new topic or such data as opinions on products are visible to all shop visitors. Remember that they are your hallmark; therefore, make comments with caution.

We are not able to filter them and protect them from unauthorized use by third parties.


As a registered user, you can receive email offers. These can be, for example, information about promotions or new products in our shop.

At the same time, we ensure that our messages are not sent more often than necessary and do not overload your inbox. Each e-mail contains a special link that allows you to unsubscribe. You do not need to delete your account if you do not want to receive information from us.


If you want to receive information about our offer without registering at the shop, you should subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter subscription is secured so that unauthorized persons cannot perform operations using your data (subscribe to/unsubscribe from the newsletter).

It is possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter at the same place where you have expressed your willingness to receive the newsletter, as well as via a link provided in the newsletter you have received. We make every effort to prevent the script from being used for any purpose other than that intended.


The Service Provider uses cookies, which are small text information stored on the user's terminal equipment. Cookies can be read by the Service Provider's ICT system.

The Service Provider stores cookies on the user's terminal equipment and then gain access to information contained therein for the following purposes:

providing services offered by the Service Provider,

customizing the services offered to the user’s preferences.

for marketing and statistic purposes of the Service Provider and its co-operators,

securing web-based polls and surveys carried out by the Service Provider against multiple voting by the same person,

presenting advertisements tailored to the user’s preferences.

The Service Provider also informs the users that they can set up their web browser so as to prevent cookies from being stored on the user's terminal equipment.

The Service Provider also informs that the user can delete cookies once they have been saved by the Service Provider by using appropriate features of the browser, programs intended for this purpose or appropriate tools available for that purpose within the operating system used by the user.

The following links contain information on how to delete cookies:



Internet Explorer:,



The Service Provider also informs the users that a change to a web browser configuration that prevents or restricts the storage of cookies on the user’s terminal equipment may limit the functionality of the service provided. Similar effects can be caused by deleting cookies during the service provision.


Contents placed and opinions expressed in the shop by its users remain their own views. We do not take any responsibility therefor.


We reserve the right to introduce changes to our privacy policy. The current version of the privacy policy is available on this website.

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